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    Started in 2010 MJ Films has a way of showing passion and quality through his videos. MJ Films is professional and yet personable, he knows how to capture the love, happiness, personality, and overall experience! MJ Films videos are a priceless keepsake.

    Malcolm Judd

    Born and raised in Southern Utah, married to my wonderful best friend Anelise, together we have lots of adventures and passion for Film and Photography. We live life to the fullest and love capturing the small moments of life to hold onto forever. P.S. we are fun to work with!

    I am passionate about my work and I Love my job! I Know my skill set and yet I am always expanding on it, I take classes, watch others and am always improving on what I already know. I am really good at capturing personalities, detail, and those really fun candid moments that make everyone laugh or cry. My greatest desire and the source of my motivation is to see the smile, or tears as you watch your video. I live for that and the best part is I get to share that experience with my best friend.

    Anelise and I have been operating our businesses for as long as we have been married so you could say that our relationship has been built upon the fact that we work together all the time. We are the best team you could find, and we cherish every opportunity we get to work together. She either assists me in my video work or takes pictures right along side. We each assist the other so well that we create the perfect video and photo team for any occasion.

    What makes me different than other videographers?

    The most important difference That I have going for me is my Beautiful wife who helps me capture every angle every detail, every candid moment that will really mean alot to you. When you book MJ films Anelise is there and her touch and her insight becomes the icing on the cake in terms of how awesome your video will become. She sees things that I never could and we work so well together that our work compliments each other. Together We understand the emotion, passion, and beauty that your wedding symbolizes and we know how to capture it.